We’re looking for an Art Director

Why did you get into advertising?

I suspect it wasn’t a passion for banner ads. Or helping a big 5 bank get a little bigger. No, I’m guessing you love making things. Adding a little beauty to the world. Exploring ideas and solving problems.

Well, we don’t sell insurance, we sell icebergs.

We shoot stunning landscapes. Lighthouses that loom over foggy shorelines. Breaching whales crashing into the steel blue Atlantic.

Never once have we uttered the words: How did the six-second edit test?

No, we’re running :30s. :60s. Even :90s. Because we haven’t forgotten the power of storytelling. We definitely do digital. Plenty of it. But we haven’t abandoned the double-page-spread print ad. Or simple, elegant, out-of-home.

We work with clients who want the type of work we like to make. Fun. Beautiful. Sometimes a little off kilter. We like helping the little guys punch above their weight. We have a cannabis brand. A tech innovation brand. But most notably we sell where we live – Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our office is open (the Covid-19 situation is quite different out on the island), but many of us are working a hybrid of in-house and at-home. This role is ideally for someone who wants to relocate. Not because we want you in the office Monday to Friday, but because we want you in the province. We want you to experience the first sun rise in North America every morning. Meet the kindest, warmest people in the country. And witness the natural wonders of this place. Because that’s how we get to insight-driven, world-beating work that sells our favourite place on earth.

We’re looking for art directors to join us in St John’s, Newfoundland.

Maybe it’s not where you expected to find yourself. But isn’t that how all great adventures begin?

If you feel like we’re the right fit for you, drop us a line at [email protected].