Why Mount Pearl made a rap video

Newfoundland’s smallest city aims to show off its non-traditional way of doing things to attract new residents and businesses.

By Josh Kolm of Strategy

With a population of 23,000 people, Mount Pearl is a small city, even by Newfoundland standards, so it might not be the kind of place one might expect to find innovative initiatives typically associated with bigger urban centres.

But it’s also not the kind of place you’d expect to create a music video for a hip hop song.

Starring local real estate agent Jason Piercey, lyrics for a new song emphasizes all the things people from Newfoundland’s smallest city think makes it great. The accompanying video stars the local figures you’d see in any small town, from the Zamboni guy to seniors in the town pool, as well as town officials like the mayor and chief administrative officer. But it also highlights some of the more forward-thinking urban projects the city has undertaken, from free parking to fully automated garbage pickup.

The video was created by Newfoundland-based agency Target, which works with the city on economic development marketing campaigns. While hyperbolic, the video still represents the kind of philosophy the city has been aiming to take to attract new residents and businesses: retaining the friendliness you’d expect of a small town, while embracing innovations that might be surprising.

“Most governments get caught up with red tape and bureaucracy, but Mount Pearl is making things happen,” said Mayor Dave Aker. “The City has a non-traditional way of thinking: a City that is truly people-friendly and business-friendly. It’s not part of our DNA to stand still, waiting on reports, having meeting after meeting, or having people fill out form after form. Our team aims to uncomplicate things for our residents and businesses.”