Target Takes Two Golds in London International for Irving’s Coffee Campaign

Humourous Radio Ads Win Top Creative Awards in the UK

Target Marketing & Communications Inc. of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Irving Oil of Saint John, New Brunswick, won two top creative awards in London recently at the 2003 London International Advertising Awards (LIAA). The agency took home two prestigious LIAA statues for Irving’s World of Taste Coffee radio advertising.

The London International Advertising Awards is one of the most demanding international creative shows in the world. This year’s competition drew more than 13,000 entries from 70 countries.

LIAA does not award gold, silver, and bronze medals – only winners and finalists. There can be only one winner per category, and not every category has a winner. Last year, less than 1% of the total entries were awarded LIAA Statues.

The award-winning radio, featuring humourous caffeine-fueled characters, took home two prized LIAA Statues in the categories of humour and non-alcoholic beverages for radio advertising.

“Winning at the London International Awards is like winning an Oscar. Winning the top award for radio humour in London, a place famous for its brilliant humour in advertising, is perhaps the biggest honour of all. But, hey, Newfoundland is pretty famous for its humour and storytelling,” said Noel O’Dea, President and Director of Strategic & Creative Planning at Target.

“We were elated to win these awards but what really gives us a buzz is when customers come into our stores for a fresh, steaming cup of our World of Taste Coffee,” says Terry Small, Manager of Marketing Communications & Advertising for Irving Oil. “Our World of Taste Coffee offering strengthens our position as the coffee destination of choice for our customers, and these ads gave our customers another reason to visit us.”

Along with two LIAA Statues for winning two categories, Target also received 6 LIAA Finalist awards for other radio and print advertising.

The London International Advertising Awards is one of the most prestigious international creative competitions in the advertising industry, using a panel of industry experts and rigorous judging standards. Further details can be found at

From Creative Excellence to Advertising Effectiveness

Target’s advertising for Irving’s World of Taste Coffee was also honoured in Toronto recently. This time, it was the multi-media campaign for advertising effectiveness at the 2003 Canadian Advertising Success Stories Awards (CASSIES).

The campaign resulted in a significant sales increase for Irving’s World of Taste Coffee, and put Irving on the map as a coffee destination.

This is the second CASSIES Award for Target and Irving, winning a CASSIES Award last year for a Home Heat campaign.

The CASSIES is Canada’s most respected advertising effectiveness awards. CASSIES-winning advertising must prove real and measurable business results. More information on the CASSIES can be found at

Target Marketing & Communications Inc. is an award-winning, full-service advertising and brand architecture firm, based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Target specializes in creating an integrated package of brand-building services including strategic planning, consumer research, advertising creative, media planning, graphic design, and 360° brand guardianship. Target’s staff of 40 creates brand-building advertising for blue-chip clients including Irving Oil, Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz, Rogers Cable, Molson, and Unilever.

Founded in 1924, Irving Oil is the regional energy processing, transporting, and marketing company focusing on customer service and supply chain management. Irving Oil serves customers in Eastern Canada, Québec, and New England with a range of finished energy products, including gasoline, diesel, home heating fuel, jet fuel, and complementary products and services. The company’s network of Mainway convenience stores throughout Eastern Canada and New England offers customers a wide variety of products and services, including grocery and snack items, bakeries, and convenience items, in addition to fuel. In 2003, Irving Oil became the first oil company to win a USEPA Clean Air Excellence award, which it won for its low-sulphur gasoline.