Strategic Planner

Lion Tamer Wanted

So, we’ve got a few Lions around the office. And we’re looking for a Strategic Planner who’ll help us add to the collection. If you’re a really smart, really nice person who’s an ace at primary and secondary research, and capable of helping our creative department turn your insights into more Lion-taming ideas, you’re the person Canada’s Small Agency of the Year is looking for.

Target, now entering its 40th year, is one of Canada’s oldest independent agencies, and is constantly punching well above its weight when it comes to winning awards for creativity and advertising effectiveness.

Located in its waterfront heritage building, on the oldest street in the oldest city in North America, Target is closer to Dublin than Detroit. We’re located far from the expected or the norms of Adland. Target is outside of the box, literally. This unexpected place gives us a unique perspective on how to size-up a problem, and how to create unexpected solutions for our clients. No cookie-cutter ideas from Target.

So, if you are the kind of person who can’t help but see things differently, or have a unique problem-solving perspective that leads to thinking 180º different from the usual, we’d love to chat.

Drop us a line at